Zoe Nikitaki



I love to paint Invisible, Secret and Celestial worlds, worlds that exist in fairy tales, in children's dreams and in the visions of Souls. Through the trees I see the Spirits of Nature singing and guiding, through the birds I hear the magical helpers of Heaven talking and sweet fairy tales whispering and reminding that man being in harmony and connection with nature, can be a wonderful her companion to give birth and transform life. Many ask me why I gave this strange name to my art, Thermal Travel… Color has always played an extremely important role for me, as has the magical language of poetry and the symbols of fairy tales.My answer is that life itself is a journey, but at the same time a travel art that the deeper you move in it, and the bigger space you create in your heart, so that it moves and transforms you, the more spa can work for you, for art and for those who have created space to move within you, together with you and your art. Telling fairy tales is an unquestionably inevitable destiny that I had to follow listening to her inner voice soul, like painting was something effortlessly natural and vital like breathing.The Travel Art of the magical language of symbols and their expression that the fields of color and fairy tale open for the soul works in a deeply healing way. "Once" said the fairy tale, "for a while" I replied "in the kingdom I take the eternal path, I leave the way, I converse with the birds of the Invisible - from the silver thread I climb without legs to Heaven and I bring the heavenly gift back to Earth of the Unreachable, the Word to reach the soul to be grafted from the Source the life-giving miracle, to make wings from the nama of the child, to fly to the roof of the Universe and plucking to root the precious seed of Heaven on Earth.


Qualification report (biography):

Zoe Nikitaki is a self-taught painter-illustrator, storyteller, author and psychodynamic color therapist. He has created Healing ART in Greece with the main tool of a method he has composed and which he calls Psychodynamic Color Storytelling. Implements seminars for the art of storytelling, experiential workshops for the discovery and activation of gifts that the soul carries, individual sessions of psychodynamic color therapy.Book illustrations and painting exhibitions. She has participated in several group exhibitions in Greece and abroad and has illustrated all the books by herself and other authors, with major collaborations, well-known subsidiary Hayhouse and Onager Publications in New York. Her first solo exhibition took place in the atmospheric space of the Museum of the Bath of the Winds in Athens. She initially studied classical literature at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Athens and attended seminars on pedagogy, psychology and art.She trained in Psychodynamic color therapy with her teacher Mark Wentworth. She worked with children for over twenty years as a philologist, museum educator at the Museum of Greek Folk Art and through art education programs, art workshops and fairy tales throughout Greece. She has made a great contribution to the field of fairy tales, with narrative performances throughout Greece, with seminars on the art of storytelling as a pedagogical and therapeutic tool of self-knowledge in Greece and Cyprus, with experiential workshops for children and adults for a number of years, with interactive narrative performances for cancer patients at a well-known oncology hospital, with books he has written and illustrated, with dozens of articles, as well as lectures at conferences and with the TV show with fairy tales, which he designed and implemented, entitled, "The Dream Tree of Fairy Tales".She is a member of the Greek Children's Book Circle and the Women's Literary Society. As an artist he has collaborated with many important venues and organizations in Greece (Concert Hall, Ministry of Culture, Michalis Kakogiannis Foundation, Ministry of Education, actionaid Hellas, etc). and with writers abroad. One of her works that she loved very much was the book "Folk tales of Zakynthos", which was published by "Trimorfo".


Contact details : nikitakizoi@yahoo.gr

Project captions:

-Ritual of Awakening, Watercolor. -The Heavenly Child, Watercolor. -The spirit of the Bird Woman. Watercolor. -The Spirit of the Pomegranate, Watercolor. -The house in the forest of Fairy Tales, Watercolor The house of Heaven. Watercolor

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