Kimon Aksaopoulos

Description of thematic-visual creation:


Of the various art forms, photography is the most suitable for meway of expression and creativity. The photos in this section are
oriented to the nature that surrounds us and maintains us in various ways and forthis we must safeguard it like the apple of our eye away from politics
expediencies and financial interests.


Property report (CV) :

The photographer and photography teacher Kimon Axaopoulos was born and raised in Naxos. After artistic and pedagogical studies he found himself teaching photography in public technical education while at the same time he founded the "Free Study of Photography" of the Piraeus Association.

Today, he has a rich artistic and educational work:

With many solo and group exhibitions in Greece and abroad, participations and distinctions in photo competitions and conferences,
writing a textbook.

At the same time, publishing articles in photo magazines as well as a number of lectures in various photography clubs. She continues to heal her image and teaching, photographing "as a learner", while she continues to explore the possibilities of the photographic medium as well as its interactivity with other arts and modern technology without fear and prejudice ... She has created the team of Photojournalists "And is a member of the" Horizon Events "team.


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