The museum kit is a "suitcase" travels from school to school and designed to bring closer the museum among children and teachers. In this combined the archetype of the closed box that is filled with gifts of educational material and, thus, learning is a charming game. The museum kit helps to better prepare for the visit to the Museum.

What's in the museum kit?

Various informational materials that one can know the Museum premises, exhibits and activities.

These materials are:
  • The brochure and two solid-state drives (one for the Museum and one for the various animals of all continents)
  • The album 'Habitats Zakynthos "to know someone on the nature of the island.
  • Educational programs combine learning with leisure and creative expression. To enable participating children to interact, during programs, exhibits, just like in the Museum.
Notice to interested parties:
  • For the operation and the use of educational materials.
  • For the ways that one can utilize and extend this educational tool.
What is the museum kit lending process?

The museum borrows teachers after telephone consultation for a specified time, from one to three weeks.
The museum receives and returns to the Museum of the teacher on his own responsibility and care, day and time to be determined.
To obtain necessary one loan application signed by the Director of the school and a photocopy of the identity card of the education received by the museum.
If the affected school is outside Zakynthos, the museum sent to school and returned to the Museum with school expenses. In such a case, it takes again one loan application signed by the school principal and a photocopy of the identity card of the responsible teacher. These are sent to the Museum by post or by fax or by email.