The educational work of the museum is connected with the school and school material.

For this reason, the HNHM:

  • Maintains constant contact with teachers through the Directorates for Primary and Secondary Education (of the island and in general) and the Environmental Education Directorates. However it does not just focus on a written text-communication, but rather organized a series of meetings / tours at regular intervals for teachers (for example at the beginning of each school year or on the occasion of a new activity). In this way teachers get informed and discover the possibilities offered by the museum. Having been informed promptly, they can utilize the HNHM throughout the year as an educational tool. Thus, the quality and quantity of available educational materials for students and teachers improves significantly.
  • It ensures that educational programs and possibly some of the events, follow, where possible, the syllabus of school subjects.
  • Examine the possibility of:
    • Providing opportunities to utilize the various spaces as classrooms where regular school subjects can be taught - instead of school.
    • Organizing competitions with topics about e.g. the natural environment, or exhibitions in order to promote school projects etc.
  • It stimulates the possibilities offered by the establishment of the Youth Group. Thus, children’s skills and inclinations are utilized in parallel with the preparation of training material.
Information about school visits:

Teachers must reserve the date and time of their visit. For reservations call 2695065040, 6974892996.

School Visits