Dimitris Miliotis


Pomegranates , i cut them from the pomegranate in my yard, from October until the end of November.
I place them on white paper, to observe the reflections and shadows they create. Following is a study and study of all materials: watercolor, tempera, acrylic, oils and the combination of them.Pomegranate is a source of warm colors, mainly reds: vermillion, carmine and laque de garance.Quinces: monochrome sculptural forms, with harmonious tonal gradations of yellows: citron, jaune de chrome, cadmium.The combination of pomegranates and quinces creates a feast of warm shades that contrast and balance the cool shades of the environment.

Property report (CV)

He was born in Corfu where he took his first painting lessons. Then, he apprenticed with the painter, Th. Panto.
He first studied Mathematics in Athens and later Engraving at ASKT.
Main Solo Exhibitions: Metamorphosis, Gallery of the Municipality of Corfu, 2019, Gaia Art Gallery, Piraeus, 2009, Contemporary Art Space "Amymoni", Ioannina, 2006, "Epoches" Art Gallery, Athens, 2004, Art Gallery Serres, 1997, Gallery of the Municipality of Corfu, 1997, 2002, 2010,"Aenaon" Art Gallery, Athens, 1996, Municipal Theater of Corfu, 1993. He has participated in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad.

Contact details: dimiliotis@gmail.com

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