Eirini Koutridou

Description of thematic-artistic creation:

" Sight has always been my way of communicating with the world of painting, of course it came to validate it and then become a way of being. In the specific works, what is recorded is the tour with the gaze on the World and the stop in the details. Excerpts from everything..Eyes full of the smell of shapes. Behind a leaf, there is a fruit. A ray of light penetrates the shadows of his breath sky-hidden among the "shady greens". Light changes its shades, their tones, revealing the soul of things. Nature gives the rhythm and we follow, obliged to beauty. Breathless …"


Irini Koutridou was born in Athens. He studied painting at the School of Fine Arts, with professors Giannis Moralis and Nikos Kesanlis. He made solo exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions. In 1998, he created a workshop for teaching Painting and Hagiography, which still operates today. He has painted Temples and among them, the Chapel of St. Catherine in Ekali, after the wall painting of the frescoes of Fotis Kontoglou. Her works are in private collections and museums. He lives and works in Athens.

Contact information :

 e-mail : Ιrene Koutridou@gmail.com

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