Vasiliki Iliakopoulou



Vasiliki Iliakopoulou in her paintings on the subject of Greek nature, brings the experiences of expressionism to reach a coherent structure: the one that makes the composition a single organism and the form a real "architecture". This is a new "physiography" where design plays a dominant role. Primarily, he uses the materials of painting with great freedom and comfort, having mastered the visual language. With a "writing" sometimes more abstract, but always familiar and sensitive. With a particularly bold and poetic use of the design, these works consistently continue her personal artistic course and goal.She dares to explore a way of painting through the paintings, favoring her vision for the emergence and exaltation of the ideals of each time period. The forms of landscapes are "condensed". They require an inner vision from the viewer. A vision that is a sign of everyone's gratitude - filtered and absorbed by the emotion that altruism exudes for nature.

Qualification report (CV):

She is an educator and visual artist especially known in 2020 for the series of paintings-portraits dedicated to the phenomenon of the Covid Pandemic. In particular, she is a graduate of the following schools:

2017: Master's degree in Lighting Designer - Multimedia of EAP.

2017: Admission, upon selection, to the postgraduate department of EAP Graphic Arts and Multimedia,

2013: Degree in Graphic Design from Athens Technical University with a specialization in "Animation".

2013: 8th Solo Exhibition. ArteFeast. Akadimos Theater, 2005: 7th Solo Exhibition. Daily Emotions Eo Art Gallery.

2000: 6th Solo exhibition gazing at the Aegean. Epoch Art Gallery.

1998: Second degree in Engraving ASKT. 1998: Graduate of the School of Fine Arts. Painting department Α.Σ.Κ.Τ.

1998: 5th Solo Exhibition. Journey to the Ionian Islands Art Gallery Seasons.

1997: 4th Solo Exhibition. Athlographies. 6th Panhellenic Athletics Championship.

1997: 3rd Solo Exhibition. Memories from the Past. Ionis Art Gallery.

1994: 2nd Solo Exhibition. Sports Ziller Art Gallery-Municipality of Athens.

1991: 1st Solo Exhibition Greek Antiquities. Bouziani Art Gallery Municipality of Athens.

1978: Holder and title of Graphic Designer from THI Secondary Technical School (former Doxiadis). Individual Home Exhibitions

Also, participations in Group Home Exhibitions.

2020: Group exhibition "We stay strong - we prepare the next day. WE CLAIM: HEALTH-WORK-LIFE ". Art Chamber.

2020: Group exhibition "Greece:" Field of War "or Sea of ​​Peace?" Artistic Chamber.

2016: Group exhibition "Austria in the heart of Greece" in Delphi .2004: Ports of Hellenism AENAON-Exhibition of AENAON collaborators 2004.

2003: Group exhibition through the Art Chamber with painting miniatures

2003: Group exhibition through the Gazi Technopolis Art Chamber

2003: Group exhibition through the Art Chamber with engraving-painting.

1999: Agricultural University "Rural Nature and Technology." Athens Crete. 1997: Dodecanese-Contemporary Art Journey.

1995: Modern Greek Painters Traditional Architecture AENAON,

1995: First auction Exhibition of AENAON associates

1995: Group exhibition of paintings by three artists of Ionis Gallery.

1995: Group painting exhibition of four artists of Ionis Gallery.

1995: Revelation of Ioannis AENAON Patmos

1993: Hellenic Landscape AENAON.

1993: Nocturno TITANIUM Gallery.

1993: Contemporary Greek Painting. Cultural center of Lefkada.

1993: DG painting exhibition Municipality of Ilioupolis Cultural Center.

1992: Exhibition of graduates of ASKT Granada, Spain.

1992: Group painting exhibition PPA For Kavvadias.1992: Group painting exhibition for Hydra 100 years, etc.

Contact details

Project captions: "Parga" Oil painting on canvas, 2008. "Santorini" Oil painting on canvas, 1998. "Ace" Oil painting on canvas, 2002. Dionysios Solomos, engraving 2020.

Copyright of works: It belongs to the aforementioned artists in the context of their hosting on the website of the Museum of Natural History of Helmis (MFIC).