Marios Theodosis


Description of thematic-artistic creation:

The sense of joy that one feels when painting is deep and unlimited. The depiction of nature landscapes has always been for me an endless field of inspiration and creation. The choice of my compositions on nature has been made not only on the basis of the particularity of its wild beauty, but mainly in the pursuit to capture as convincingly as possible the texture and diversity of each individual element that makes up the composition. The love for design, the emphasis on detail, the constant study and observation that is enriched with experience, guide my artistic pursuits.In the face of the magic of nature, I believe, there is nothing more satisfying, more irritating, or worthy of capturing one of its colors and shades. In the art of mosaic I was fascinated by the colors, the texture and the inherent beauty of its hard materials, which can be processed creating subtle color combinations.The art of mosaic, or "art of patience" as it is often called, is a time consuming and laborious task as the processing of hard worked or raw natural materials such as glass, ceramic, stone, etc. It requires concentration, perseverance, knowledge, but in the end gives a work of art impressive and "indestructible" in time.Balancing between painting and sculpture, mosaic continues to spread in defiance of modern plastic aesthetics, cheap industrial imitation and mass-produced art.


Property report (CV):

Marios Theodosis is a curator of works of art. He was born and raised in Athens. He studied at the Athens Technical University, in the department of Preservation of Antiquities and Works of Art, where he attended painting classes in the workshop of Th. Avaritsioti and L. Tsilaga. After the end of his studies with the sponsorship of the Holy Metropolis of Zakynthos and on the initiative of the former Metropolitan of Zakynthos Chrysostomos II, founded with his brother Andreas Theodosis, also a conservator of works of art, the workshop for the preservation of paintings where he worked until 2008, maintaining a significant number of portable church works from temples and monasteries of Zakynthos. In 2008 he was appointed as a custodian of archival and book material in the General Archives Service of Zakynthos, where he still works.

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Project captions:

1) Shipwreck beach from above. 28.5Χ11 cm ..
2) Shipwreck Beach. 30x12 cm
3) Blue cave. 35x12 cm. All the works have been done with colored pencils and oil pastels on 220gr paper.
Mosaics: 4) Tropical fish. Ceramic tiles cut by hand, 122x84 cm.
5) Salmon. Murano glass tiles, 220X110 cm.
6) Fruit bowl. Stained glass Tiffany glasses, Murano glass tiles, 90X70 cm.
7) Pigeons in a fountain. Tiffany Stained Glasses. 70X65 cm.


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