Eva Theofanous


An exciting action started as a one-man bet and is spreading at a charming pace! Academics and
Research institutes support it as well as dozens of Citizens who voluntarily offer knowledge and time to promote it!

So something good is happening here! It's called BEEandBE! and has two goals:

First to inform the public about what the bee means for its food and its very existence and Second to encourage the inhabitants of the cities to plant plants and flowers suitable for feeding the starving bee due to the lack of variety of food. volunteers in schools, events (such as the Kifissia Flower Show) and Actions, and motivates citizens to procure the appropriate aromatic plants, herbs and flowers and create home / urban beehives that will feed the bee!

Property report (CV):

Eva Theofanous is the inspirer of the action "Bee & amp; BE - Beehives Everywhere ", which informs the public on the importance of the bee as a pollinator and urges city dwellers to plant suitable flowers and plants on the terraces: to feed the bee, on which biodiversity is based but also our food. The action is exclusively for public benefit and has nothing to do with its profession which is related to Tourism and the Management of tourist accommodation.

Contact information : 

e-mail: eva@happysmallhotels.gr
Bee & Be :
FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/beeandbe.official
INSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/beeandbe.official/

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