Apart from the obvious aim of self-financing HNHM the shop that will be operating in it, also aims at the following:

  • Covering the visitors’ needs for more knowledge on the issues around nature and the environment, by selling selected materials, printed material, etc.
  • Covering wider issues that usually interest the public (e.g. tourist information about attractions). So, it also serves as a buyers / potential visitors’ attraction.
  • Meeting the individual interests of visitors (e.g. observation of wildlife).
  • Helping children in a pleasant and accessible way, through the material sold, to get interested in the idea of protecting nature and the environment.
  • Dispersion of messages the HNHM examines and promotes through materials the guests will be purchasing. Therefore, it serves as a means of healthy way to promote the Museum.
What material is sold in the shop:

Apart from material issued / produced by HNHM itself and material from other sources, i.e. either public entities or organizations (e.g. Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, EOT, Management Body of the National Marine Park of Zakynthos, EKBY, Institute for Renewable Energy Sources), either by organizations to protect the natural heritage (e.g. Greek Association for the Conservation of Nature), or, finally, from private producers (e.g. local artists).

Also, the shop can be equipped with emergency items for the hiker who loves nature.