The NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM is a special magic world that studies, protects and brings out the natural environment of the island. It is a world in which every year hundreds of visitors have the opportunity to share the story of millions of years. It becomes obvious that with the rich and interesting collections and presentations, and its activity in general too, the Museum has become a dynamic cultural space, which aims both at spreading knowledge and environmental awareness as well as recreation. It acts as an important and remarkable visitor attraction. Based on the warm response of the public and the growing need to rescue the natural and cultural heritage, the museum management has decided to expand its facilities by adding another floor with exhibits and collections.

To be preserved but mainly to be developed it also needs your participation.

The MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY invites you to support the effort with financial donations, which will enhance its cause by equipping it with modern educational systems, research tools and anything else needed for the cause it has undertaken.

This sponsorship gives you personally or your business the opportunity of immediate and possible visibility within the exhibition grounds, as your or your company’s name will be clearly listed next to an exhibition or in a wing of the museum.

So whenever the Museum visitors enter, they know that they owe the opportunity to understand, respect and care for the natural environment of the island for its rich variety of flora and fauna it has to you too.

The NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM depends on the donations it receives to enrich its collections, scientific development, exhibit its material, for the development of the activity in new areas of operation and the quality of services offered. Those interested in participating in the Museum’s cause may request information about:

  1. The ways in which donations can be made.
  2. The actions with which the donors will timely receive tax exemptions, as foreseen by the legislation.
  3. The ways in which the NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM recognizes its donors.