Elena Garstea


Thematic description of projects:

It is always difficult for me to answer the question - why do you do this, what do you want to say this ..... I never think about it when I work, I do exactly how I feel. I compose my compositions as poems, and sometimes I also compose short three or four verses for my compositions, as a title, I generally like to experiment. And the main thing in them is an attitude, a mood, as in music or poetry. In general, I have been composing and I have loved this since childhood, as well as observing people, features, animals, nature in general.I like to see the clouds move, how beautiful afternoon shadows fall, how objects are reflected; all these are my luggage. We are constantly learning from nature, we are not only her children, but also her students.


Elena Gatrea is an Artist(Engraver/Painter). She was born in Kishinau,the Republicof Moldοva and has participated on the following group and individual exhibitions  :

1977-1981 Art College, Kishinau,Moldova 

1981-1987 Academy of fine Arts , Department of Graphic Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia.

1995 - 1996 Specialization and upgrading of skills at the Academy of Fine Arts of St. Petersburg in the technique of Lithography.

1987-1999 Professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Moldova, Department of Graphic Arts, Chisinau (Lithography, linoleum, drawing, composition)

1999-2006 Director of the Lithography Laboratory of the Association of Visual Artists of Moldova.

2006 - 2009 worked as a graphic designer at the ARC Publishing House, Chisinau.

2008 - 2015 Professor at the Pedagogical Department of "I. Creanga" University, School of "Fine Art and Design"

Member of the Association of Artists of the Republic of Moldova and the International Association of Artists IAA (International Association of Artists) of UNESCO, member of the Association of Artists of Europe, International Union, GUSP (World Scientific Unit for Peace) Maestro Diploma. of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece (EETE) and a member of the Association of Engravers of Greece.

He has participated in many Group Exhibitions and Art Symposiums throughout Europe.

Organizer of International Symposia, such as:

  • 1999 International Lithography Symposium, Moldova,
  • 2007 Artistic Director of the International Art Symposium "SUMMART", Chisinau, Moldova,
  • 2008 Organizer of the Group Exhibition of Women Artists Moldova - Poland,
  • 2020 Curator of the Exhibition "Illusion", 9 Artists from Greece in the project: Paper No Limit, Poland
  • He has held many solo exhibitions in: Germany, Turkey, Finland, Moldova, Ukraine, Greece

Contact details:

e-mail address: stathiandroutsakis@gmail.com

Project captions :

  • “September”, Acrilic paint on camvas , 2020, 40Χ100 cm.
  • “Balconi view” , Acrilic paint on camvas, 2020, 40Χ60 cm.
  • “Breakfast”, Acrilic paint on camvas, 2020, 40Χ50 cm .
  • Unnamed, Acrilic paint on camvas, 2020, 20Χ20 cm.
  • Unnamed, Acrilic paint on camvas, 2020, 20Χ20 cm.

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