Despoina Pantazi

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Initiation Ceremony Trees… What is it like to live between the Dream Time and the objective world?
How can you be in harmony with all the creatures on Earth? What is the moment when the seed breaks its shell?Is the cycle of the past rejected? Is the same substance looking for other new cycles?Is the journey of human circles to the farthest memory of the human race? Is it towards the Wisdom of the Dreamer?It is the form of a thing, the very imprint of the consciousness that created it or the result of the actions taken?Can one look at the visible and the invisible world separately?Is art an ongoing ritual of denaturing and initiating pure energy in form?Aboriginal,Indigenous Australians refer to the Beginning of the World as the "Dream" or "Dream Hour."Method of acquiring knowledge about the visible and invisible nature.



Despina Pantazi (Papadimitriou) is a visual artist and is active in the field of painting and mixed media constructions. She has studied in free painting and vitreaux studios. He is a member of the CHAMBER OF FINE ARTS OF GREECE. He presented solo exhibitions from 1994 to 2017 in various art galleries as well as in municipal spaces - Cultural centers of Athens. He has taken part in many group exhibitions in Greece and abroad. Participates in activities of Horizon Events and CHEAPART. Since 1994 he has curated the annual exhibition "Meeting of Visual Artists-Mediterranean" under the auspices of the Municipality of Korydallos.From 2015 to 2018 he collaborates with the Second Chance School of Korydallos Prison in the coordination of voluntary art workshops as well as curator of exhibitions with the kind support of the Municipality of Korydallos. In 2018 he participates in the Symposium of Horizon Events at EMST ‘Aspects of Independent Artistic Creation with a workshop -Curated by DP“ A dialogue that never closes- Anonymous Sender sends a letter to an Anonymous Recipient-Student-Prisoner of Korydallos.

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Project captions: Initiation Ceremony Trees / mixed media and natural materials / Installation on the occasion of the exhibition "in the name" curated. G. Georgakopoulou AND CHEAPART October 2020.


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