Sofia Parastatidou


The project "nature" depicts a landscape in Parnitha, where I painted a tree that had been struck by lightning. This is an oil painting on wood. I did the project "view from the window" live, at the Station of the School of Fine Arts in Hydra, in 2006.
She was a student of our School who was preparing her thesis, lying down working with her computer.I asked her to pose for a while. I liked the view from the landscape of the island.​​​​​​The project "Sinthesis" is a mixed media (collage) of landscapes of Zakynthos with people wondering about the past, present and future.

Description :I do not know why I paint, I know that I did it all my years.I remember in preschool, my parents kept asking me who had shown me how to paint my calf.I have a strong memory, because of their insistence to say, who showed it to me. It seemed to me the most normal thing in the world.I painted and paint, either to express what I had inside me and I could not say in words, or because I was creating a relationship, a bridge between my inner self and the outside world.

Qualification report (biography): Sofia Parastatidou, is a visual artist and teacher. He was born in the former Soviet Union, originally from the Land of Pontus.He studied journalism at "Homer" during the years 1977-78. He studied at the School of Fine Arts in the years 1981-86, with teacher N. Kessanlis. He took mosaic making classes in the workshop of G. Kolefas.
He was appointed to the Secondary Education at the Ministry of Education, in Thessaloniki in 1988. He has taught costume design at the Drama School of K.Th.B.E. the years 1989 -1991 and was trained in Visual Psychotherapy (2009-2012). ‘Her works are in private collections in Greece and abroad.

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