Stelios Tantouris

Description of thematic-artistic creation:

The love for the environment, nature and art, led me through the years, to utilize the recyclable materials I find. From waste, they are turned into works of art.


Stelios Tantouris is a self-taught artist. He grew up in Elefsina, a city with strong cultural elements and history through which he was nurtured, inspired and developed his personality. Its archeological background, as well as the modern artistic events, are until today, elements of feedback and inspiration for its own artistic course. His appreciation and love for art led him to create an online team of creators, entitled "Garbage crafts: creations and constructions from recyclable materials". The team's motivational motto for creativity is "I protect nature - I recycle - I create art. 

"His work focuses on sculptural forms and constructions with metal at the forefront. Sheets, gears, screws, rivets, patina and oxidation are mechanical elements that in his hands are transformed into works of art.

Project captions: Handmade constructions from recyclable materials, mixed media.

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