Milos 17-20 September 2014

On September 17-20, the International Conference on Geographical and Cultural Heritage entitled "Coastal landscapes, mining activities and preservation of cultural heritage" was held in Milos.

The conference took place under the supervision of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens and was attended by prominent scientists and experts in the fields of Geology, paleontology, archeology, management and conservation of natural sites and cultural and environmental heritage.

The Museum of Natural History Panagiotis Chelmis, participated in this event represented by the Museologist - Conservator of works of art - Mr. Konstantinos Stoupathis, who attended the conference on behalf of our Museum and presented at the conference a poster regarding the interpretive approaches of geological Helmi, focusing on the social impact of the museum.



Πετρώματα Ζακύνθου