Kastoria 7th 8th and 9th of March 2014

C.N.H.M. successfully participated in the seminar where it implemented the Coordination Center for Environmental Education of Kastoria on 7-8-9 March 2014.

The Museum was invited to participate and present its spaces and activities. The seminar was implemented in the context of the effort made by KPE Kastoria to support the educational community (schools and institutions) in the programs implemented in its workplaces with the general theme "BIODIVERSITY - THE LABORATORY OF LIFE".

The participation of teachers from all over Greece and the public of the wider area of ​​Kastoria was large. The seminar was brightened by the presence and knowledge of University teachers. Indicatively, we mention the professor of the Department of Biology and Vice Rector of the Aristotle University PhD. Mr. Ioannis Pantis, the professor of the Department of Special Education of the University of Thessaly and President of Alonissos Park, PhD. Mr.Paraskevopoulos Stefanos, the Assistant Professor of the Department of Biology of the Aristotle University, PhD. Mr. Mazari Antonios. Another number of specialized scientists submitted their knowledge and those who attended, left satisfied and armed with additional knowledge about their programs.


The representatives of C.N.H.M., Mr. Helmis Panagiotis and Triantaphyllos Dionysios, at the appointed time presented the possibilities we give to the educational community and not only, to get to know through the exhibits and the educational programs of our Museum the value of the biodiversity of our place, of our Greece but also of the world.

Acceptance was universal. The contacts made with KPE Kastoria and the University students had the expected results. We received a number of questions (explanatory, informative, etc.) as well as we were invited to participate in workshops and seminars throughout Greece.

The M.C.F.I. He warmly thanks the KPE of Kastoria for the impeccable hospitality and for the time allocated to him, in the seminar he organized. The contacts of the Museum both with the KPE of Kastoria, and with the University Teachers will continue in actions of the Museum in Zakynthos in the near future.