Filippiada, May 2015

The C.N.H.M. Continuing his activities and his presence in meetings throughout Greece, at the invitation of KPE Filippiada, he participated in the two-day seminar held on 16 and 17 May 2015 at the KPE facilities on Lake Ziros. A wonderful place in natural beauty 5 km from Filippiada of Preveza. The seminar was addressed to 90 Teachers of the surrounding prefectures as well as to the local community.

His theme was directly related to Nature and specifically his theme was: "NATURE: ART WORKSHOP"

The Museum was represented by the President of the Museum, Mr. Dionysios Triantaphyllos, who made a relevant presentation on the topic: "When nature becomes a museum exhibit: The example of the Helmi Museum of Natural History"


The participation of teachers from the surrounding prefectures and the public was large. The seminar included presentations and workshops by specialized scientists. The head of KPE Filippiada Mrs. Marianna Nastou and her pedagogical team, whom the M.X.F.I. He was able to give the necessary "weapons" to the educational community, to equip them with specialized knowledge, to get to know a hidden treasure of nature - Lake Ziros - and its forest and to acquire new skills, with the final result, all this transfer them to the classroom for the benefit of their students.

The presence of the Museum, at the suggestion of the President, was judged positive by the participants, and added another field of Action and information in its effort to contribute to the formation of a human behavior that will respect and protect nature.

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