Archanes, March 2015

The C.N.H.M. successfully participated in the seminar where the Center for Environmental Education Archanes - Rouva - Gouves implemented on 27 - 28 - February and 1 March 2015, in Archanes in Heraklion Prefecture in Crete.

The three-day Training Seminar had the theme: << Tourism and Environment: In the paths of Culture >>

The Museum made a relevant presentation on the topic << The contribution of C.N.H.M in the tourist development of Zakynthos >>

The Culture of Zakynthos was presented, the alternative forms of tourism that the visitor can have on our island and especially, the opportunity given by the Helmis Museum of Natural History to the visitors to get to know through the exhibits of the Museum the flora and fauna of Zakynthos but also world as well as types of rocks and minerals in our area and beyond. The effort made at the Museum of the promotion of the culture of Zakynthos through workshops, seminars and conferences that take place in the halls of the Museum, but also in its participations throughout Greece, was particularly emphasized.

The Museum participates in the network "Tourism and Environment" as an external partner. The presentation "The contribution of the Museum to the tourism development of Zakynthos" was developed by the President of the Museum Mr. Dionysios Triantaphyllos.

Η συμβολή του Μ.Χ.Φ.Ι. στην τουριστική ανάπτυξη της Ζακύνθου