Animal Homes - Sources of inspiration

Every year, throughout Europe, but also in our country, the European Cultural Heritage Days are celebrated, which are a leading European cultural event and are supported by the Commission of the European Union and the Council of Europe. This year, on the three days of September 28-30, the house had its honorary. A big celebration was organized under the title "Intimate Stories", in which young and old were invited to visit monuments, museums and archeological sites in 99 parts of Greece.

As part of the celebration, on Saturday, October 13, the Chelmi Museum of Natural History organized a Symposium on "Animal Homes - Sources of Inspiration". Among the speakers at the Symposium were D. Zivas, Emeritus Professor of NTUA, Elio Abatino, President of the Italian Institute for Environmental Research and Teaching, Lila de Chavez, Secretary General of the International Federation of Universities, , author and president of the Women's Literary Society, Martin Gaitlich, biologist-zoologist and head of environmental programs of the Hellenic Literary Society, N. Katsikas and E. Konstandellakis, members of the International Council of Museums and the director of the .S.Z., Petros Visvardis.