63rd Kifissia Flower Exhibition

The P. Chelmis Museum of Natural History once again pioneers, offering the world the opportunity to get to know a small part of the island through a unique collection.

A small part of the Museum of Natural History P. Helmis is hosted this year in the Exhibition space of the 63rd Kifissia Flower Exhibition held in the Grove of Kifissia "Dimitris Zomopoulos", offering visitors a unique photographic material from the rare Wild Orchids. In an exhibition where it is flooded with thousands of people every year, this year visitors have the opportunity to get to know one of the many and unique natural beauties of Zakynthos.

The company "Kykeon Elefsis", as one of the sponsors of the exhibition, pointed out that there are many visitors who come to the stand and look for information about the photographic material as well as information about the Museum of Natural History P. Helmis and which parts of Zakynthos will they could visit to see up close another wonder of the island. The exhibition continues and will be open until May 14.


The association "The Friends of C.N.H.M " and the Museum of Natural History warmly thank the company" Kykeon Elefsis "and the museologist K. Stoupathis for their kind sponsorship at the 63rd Kifissia Flower Show, promoting our Museum once again.