Nikolaos Mpiazis


When illustrating, you have to stay in the traditional elements, constantly curb yourself. The Ionian school abolishes many stereotypes that constitute the system of "pictorial" cult painting. You can take initiatives by studying theological issues, but it is difficult and often the risk of escaping is great. But this fascinates me especially!Hagiography in a temple, along with other arts such as hymnography, chanting, wood carving, as a whole, help in meditation and prayer. Many times I have the feeling that I am in a constant prayer, in a special relationship with the people I am trying to portray.The art of hagiography offers the same answers to the existential problems that each art offers. The artist approaches with the sensitivity and insight given to him, the greatness of nature and the perfection of our Creator. The same beauty and perfection from which we are created. Perhaps the meaning of life is to approach or return to this ideal beauty, the perfection from which we once began.




N.Mpiazis has painted frescoes in temples of Zakynthos and not only (I.N. Agios Theofilos Zakynthos, I.N. Agios Gerasimos gardens of Zakynthos, I.N. Pan. Faneromeni Vanatou Zakynthos, I.N. Agios Efstathios in Argathos N. Agios Ioannis of the Theologian of Lithakia, Zakynthos, I. N. of Agios Georgios in Naoussa, I. N. of the Entrances of the Virgin in Spetses, etc.), but also in a number of parish and private chapels.

He has created a number of portable icons that are found in churches of his birthplace, other cities in Greece and abroad as well as in private collections.He has made solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions, while he has created posters, mainly for the Municipality of Zakynthos as well as book covers and illustrations. His works have been published from time to time in daily press and magazines.He has been repeatedly awarded for his work.He is a member of the Panhellenic Association of Hagiographers.


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Images: The High Priest, St. Catherine, St. Dionysius, Detail of a Crucified Litany, Standing Hymn, The Removal of the Holy Relic of St. Dionysius, St. Peter, Knee with Christ.


Thomas Mann combed your earring, Ionian flower.

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