Valentina Bousiou

Description of thematic - artistic creation:

Painting expresses for me my need for contact with nature that is so lacking in the life of modern man. My favorite subjects are the botanical art and the depiction of the creatures of the earth, imprinted on natural materials (wood, stone, etc.)


Valentina was born in Voio, W. Macedonia. He studied architectural design and interior design. He worked in the field of interior design from a young age. From time to time he writes articles in publications and pages related to folklore, the preservation of folk art monuments and alternative getaways.
She has been involved in painting for the last years. He lives and works in Thessaloniki.


Project captions:

1. The gulls

2. The flight of the gull

3. Rose

4. Deer

5. Succulents

6. Orchids

7. Anemone

8. Olive

9. Measles


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